Commerce Botswana style

Modern Gaborone has several Western shopping centres; for example, Kubu has been known to patronise the fast-food Wimpy at Game City near his office in Millenium Park. They could be generic small-town malls almost anywhere in the world. But much of the commerce in Botswana is much more fun and interesting. Almost anyone can open a shop or pub by the roadside and offer their wares from converted containers or corrugated iron shacks. The names that entertain and amuse Kubu and Joy in Mochudi are all real shops that they pass on the way to his parents - names such as Hungry Tummies Take-Away or the Taliban Haircut and Car Wash.

For example – the Welcome Bar Part 1 advertising Botswana local brew St Louis:

And after a few drinks there, you could move on to Part 2 or perhaps stay for a meal or a haircut.

Speaking of haircuts, try Mega’s. Only ten pula (₤1), and just say – as the sign does – “Nice up my head, Rra!”

Or you could try Busy Hands:

Or maybe not...

Those dirt roads are hell on tires. But you could get one fixed at Mr Puncha while you have your
cut. Contact him on his cell phone. Maybe some fruit to nibble while you wait?

On the other hand, we’d give Betterplace a miss.  What with its Cattering, Drap
ping, Cattlelery and Caperts, maybe your next function should be at a restaurant.

If this all seems a bit too informal, let’s try a traditional shopping mall in Gaborone.  Africa Mall is outside in the sun with shady trees, decorated with colourful plastic bags. Plenty of room to browse and plenty to choose from.

And when you get tired of all the shopping, there’s always Part Two for a refreshing cider: