Michael Stanley in Botswana

We have been visiting Botswana for over 30 years.  In the 1980s, Stanley would rent a small plane and fly with Michael and friends into the remote areas to watch animals and birds. Flying was much easier than driving because unlike now, where many roads are paved, most roads were very difficult.  In some place
s the roads were so bad that it could take an hour to move only a couple of kilometres.
It was on one of these trips in the mid-1980s - to the Savuti in Chobe National Park - that we had the original idea for a novel.  Having watched a pack of hyenas attack, kill, and eat a wildebeest, leaving nothing except the horns and hooves, we thought “Aha. If we ever need to dispose of a body, feed it to hyenas”.  There would be nothing left. No meat. No bones. Nothing!

Twenty years later we wrote A CARRION DEATH, which begins with a game ranger and an ecologist stumbling upon a hyena, which hadn’t quite finished devouring a human corpse.

We have travelled from the north and the incredible Chobe National Park, through the lush riverine Linyanti, into the amazing Okavango Delta, all over the Kalahari, and to the south and the Khalagadi Transfrontier Park.  We’ve spent a lot of time in the capital, Gaborone, talking to sources of information and stories, and have driven the trans-Kalahari Highway from Gaborone to Windhoek and back.

Botswana is a wonderful country, well worth many visits.